February 20.2020

FATEK IoT Solution

Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing have been the goals of many enterprises in recent years. Through data exploration and data analysis, companies can make accurate decision, and even be able to predict market changes and customer needs ahead of time; however, such an industrial upgrade is not a trivial matter, and huge time and costs must be invested. Taiwan's industrial environment with SMEs as the mainstay is not a low threshold! This demand has created the booming development of the Internet of Things. How to connect terminal devices to a cloud database and collect data for a long time, so that enterprise experts can analyze these huge amounts of data and generate valuable and industrial wisdom information. As a leading brand of micro PLCs, FATEK believes that "comprehensive replacement of IoT devices is not the most effective way". In addition to the time-consuming and time-consuming replacement of devices, many customers may be discouraged due to cost considerations.

In view of this, FATEK hopes that customers can keep up with the tide of Industry 4.0 with the original equipment and the least cost without changing the current hardware configuration. Therefore, FATEK has developed a solution that can connect existing products directly to the cloud database. In the future, only the software cloud function needs to be applied into the old device. The business owner can easily exchange data with the common cloud database. FATEK also foresees the cloud generation's needs for comprehensive networking, so in addition to software updates, it also expands the wireless networking function on the hardware, so that cloud functions are no longer limited by space, and the value of everything is truly connected.

Although FATEK provides a solution to connect to the cloud database, FATEK is unwilling to limit itself as a terminal device provider and further target quasi-intelligent manufacturing. In addition to constantly upgrading products to make terminal devices with extended AI computing Capabilities, and further build FATEK Cloud to create a complete bottom-up quasi-intelligent manufacturing solution. In the future, through FATEK's IoT manufacturing solution, terminal devices scattered around the world will internalize complex data through AI calculations and upload it to the cloud. Decision makers can analyze the information at a glance and formulate production countermeasures, and then use the remote update service to transfer the new production process. Loading terminal equipment for production changes, while achieving flexible production and quickly responding to market demand, it also reduces storage and update costs and improves the competitiveness of enterprise main products.

(From Commercial Times (工商時報))