October 25.2023

FATEK at 2023 SPS

FATEK will participate in the SPS Exhibition in Nuremberg from  November 14 to 16, 2023 at Hall 8-329

Showcasing our latest products and solutions, including advanced PLC, HMI, and Servo systems. These products represent the next generation of industrial automation technology.

FATEK's comprehensive high-performance solutions are designed to enhance production efficiency and ensure stable and reliable operations. These solutions come with rich software functionality and can be applied across various industrial sectors, offering customers a diverse range of application choices. This helps customers expedite project development, improve project development efficiency, and achieve better automation and production processes.

Furthermore, we will also introduce FATEK IoT solution that connects sensors, devices, and data to enable intelligent monitoring and remote management. This aids businesses in creating smarter and more efficient production environments, providing additional data analysis and insights to make informed decisions.

FATEK will present a range of modern industrial automation solutions at the SPS exhibition, aimed at helping businesses increase production efficiency, providing better control and management tools to address evolving market demands. These technologies and solutions contribute to advancing industrial automation and IoT technologies.

M Series PLC 
■ Ultimate operating speed of 0.8ns
■ Built-in up to 20 axes of motion and positioning control and supports E-cam
■ Achieve flying shear and rotary knife applications
■ Expand up to 2048 I/O points
P/U Series HMI 
■ Compatible with a wide range of PLC brands
■ Offers integration with SQL databases, cloud databases, and OPC UA devices
■ Provides a complete selection of HMI sizes ranging from 4.3" to 15"
■ Backmount PLC and module capabilities
SC3 Series Servo 
■ Ranging from 100W to 7.5KW
■ Supporting EtherCAT and
■ Features a high-resolution 23-bit absolute/incremental encoder
■ Offers 3.1KHz high frequency response
FATEK IoT Solution 
■ Remote device project maintenance 
Remote data monitoring and access (including real-time screen monitoring)
Alarm notification through mainstream social media and communication App
Cloud data base
Easy integration with 3rd party cloud platform

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