Product FAQ

Product FAQ
Posted: 2019/06/04
How to use Sub Program in WinProladder?

(1) Please use the CALL instruction, that is, the FUN67 instruction, to enter the subroutine, and use the label in the subroutine: the LBL instruction is FUN65, and after the subroutine segment, please use the RTS instruction, that is, the FUN68 subroutine return instruction.

(2) Use the interrupt mode. As long as the corresponding interrupt name is added, "I" is added as the interrupt subroutine label. For example, if the X rising edge interrupt input is used, the X rising edge interrupt number is "; X1 +, then the corresponding The interrupt label is: X1I, so use the FUN65: LBL instruction in the subroutine to specify: LBL X1I From this label, the X1 input interrupt subroutine is entered. At the end of the interrupt subroutine, use FUN69: RTI to return to the end to indicate the end.

Posted: 2020/11/03
使用FUM150將PLC作為Modbus TCP 主站
1. CBEH端設定,使用ether_cfg.exe開啟欲設定的CBEH

Port2設為Modbus Client

Port Mapping分頁設定欲連線的設備IP

2.人機端設定,在連結中選擇Modbus Slave(TCP)