Traffic flow monitoring
Along with popularity of cars, the pressure of traffic flow has become increasingly high, resulting in a constant rise of the time cost of traffic jams. Now, by collecting the traffic flow at each place with sensors and sending them back to the traffic control center (TCC) for computing and then by performing road control or signaling control with controllers based on the computing results, we can effectively disperse traffic flow in real time, reducing significantly the social cost consumed due to traffic jams.
  • Induction coil
  • Signaling
  • Traffic flow sign
Railway system
The railway transportation is the safest and most convenient means of transportation. However, consistent and stable operations of this large and complicated system actually rely on numerous, accurate and reliable controllers. When the train comes in and leaves the station, the controller will trigger the switch for accurate operation to ensure that the train heads to the right track. When the train comes in the station and stops in position, the controller will control the opening/closing of train doors and platform gates to prevent passengers from falling accidentally into the track; when the train approaches the railroad crossing, the controller will trigger the barrier to come down and continuously monitors the emergency pushbutton and the conditions of the peripheral sensors to ensure safety of the train and the traffic flow. For the interior of the train, the controller will monitor air conditioning, fire and the toilet vacuum flushing system, ensuring that each function of the train works normally.
  • Switch system
  • Railroad crossing system
  • Station platform gate
  • Train interior system(air conditioning, internal circuitry)
Parking system
While the urban space has been increasingly reduced, the number of vehicles is increasing. At the city center area where the land cost is extremely high, a high-density mechanical parking tower provides an excellent solution. When the parking procedure is activated, the controller will compute and select a suitable empty parking space within the mechanical parking tower for dispatch. When the empty parking space has been moved in position, the parking barrier will be released for parking. When the car has stopped in position, the parking procedure is then activated. During parking space dispatch, the controller will monitor in real-time the sensor at each location to ensure that the operator and the system are secure. In the meantime, it can quickly and accurately position the parking car at the right place.
  • Mechanical parking tower
Railway tunnel monitoring
A tunnel connects two separate places, increasing the transport efficiency. However, all of this must be built under the premise that sensors and controllers can ensure that the tunnel system can be operated safely. When the train enters the tunnel, it will lose signal contact with the satellite. It has to update its operating position via the sensor. The temperature and the humidity in the enclosed hot and damp environment need to be monitored by the sensor and the environment has to be controlled by the controller using the ventilating system. When the sensor detects a fire, it will activate the corresponding exhaust facility and the fire door depending on the fire source and the train position, ensuring an unobstructed route for passengers to escape.
  • Railway tunnel
  • Tunnel exhaust equipment