Solar energy tracking system
No matter what the type of solar power there is, the more light energy collected per unit area, the more electric energy can be converted. However, the sun will move with time. As a result, the higher energy conversion efficiency can only be obtained at a small period of the day time. With the data of the sun azimuth degree at different seasons and different times being written in the controller, we can control the azimuth and the elevation angle of the solar panel or the solar light collecting mirror based on a different situation to track the sun’s moving path, achieving the optimum power generation efficiency.
  • Solar panel
  • Solar energy tracking mechanism
Wind power generation
For power generation, the requirement for it usually is incessant. The more electric energy generated continuously from the generator, the better the benefit is. As such, the wind turbine generator set is usually placed at the place where strong wind is available all year round. However, such a continuous strong wind may also cause the massive generator set be exposed to an extreme risk. Therefore, by accurately monitoring various environmental factors with numerous sensors and by having controls such as, fine-tuning the rotor blade angle or shutting down the machine for protection with the controller, we can effectively avoid the occurrence of accidental situations such as, broken shaft or overloading, thus reducing the maintenance cost and optimizing the power generation benefit.
  • Wind turbine generator
Hydroelectric power
At a place where rainfall is plentiful, we can continuously convert the potential into electric energy. However, in most cases, equilibrium must be achieved between water usage and power generation. By reading the water level height from the sensor and receiving the data on the power requirements, the monitoring center will compute and evaluate the timing of the power generation operation. During power generation, the opening/closing degree of the water gate will be adjusted for the feedback control based on the turbine-generator efficiency. However, the governor of the turbine-generator not only feedbacks the signal to the water gate, it also receives the information of power requirement for adjusting the generation power. It also monitors the operating conditions of the turbine-generator set and timely applies braking to avoid damage from overloading.
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