The concept of creating the trend has been deeply instilled in the culture of FATEK. From the launch of industry leaders, self-developed single chip-based PLC, to the high performance HMI where the modular can be extended from the back of the PLC, to spread to the IoT solution that can fully control and update at any time the data of wildly deployed devices. In addition to consistently adhering to very high requirements for product performance and reliability, and insisting on providing customers with the best products, FATEK is incessantly doing R&D and innovation, which is the key for FATEK to maintain its strong competitiveness and to keep itself continuously upgraded.

FATEK has top-rated R&D talents and plentiful R&D resources. It has always spared no efforts in R&D investment and inbreeding new technologies. Consequently, we can constantly create new-generation products that lead the technology trend and swiftly respond to customer’s needs, in pursuit of providing the usage experiences of the most user-friendly products. However, while consolidating new energy for upgrading the momentum of R&D and innovation and for shortening the development cycle of a new product, we still continue to request very high requirements for a product’s reliability and quality, all the way handing down the excellent spirit and the commitment to customers that we were after at the start when FATEK was founded.
R&D and innovation